The Table at Cana

#010: Getting Haunted with Brandon Thrasher!  (A Conversation about Spiritual Trauma.)

June 27, 2019

Brandon Thrasher, an admitted “non expert,” sits down with Ryan to discuss “hauntings,” which is a clever euphemism for the PTSD-like manifestation of spiritual trauma. Thrasher presented a slew of information at the most recent (June) event for Cana and this conversation is a more in-depth, personal continuation of that event. Thrasher provides real world, applicable ideas and scenarios for how to transcend the hurt caused by the Church in an individual’s life. Again, Thrasher is not any sort of an expert in anything aside from how to properly use Google. Likewise, if you are interested in hearing more about this subject, by all means, reach out to Ryan at the email address provided in the episode and Thrasher will be forced to come endure the sweltering, un-air conditioned office for another conversation.


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