The Table at Cana

#004: Our First Internet Conversation! (Featuring Matthew Distefano)

May 9, 2019

Ol’ Matt Distefano drops by Ryan’s office through the magic of the internet. It took Ryan multiple attempts at troubleshooting a very simple problem before we were actually able to record. Once we got our technical issues worked out, Matt opened up about his horrible gut issues, weed, faith, and his time as a scene kid. Mason is on point with his questions and insight and Ryan bumbles through the conversation like the half-an-idiot he is. There’s lots of laughing, too. Lots of it. Too much, really.

Matt’s pertinent information can be found at By all means, hit him up on Patreon and donate your entire paycheck to him, or subscribe to Heretic Happy Hour, or, you know, message him through Facebook and tell him what a heretic he is.


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